Friday, April 24, 2015

Lisbon International Airport and Its Facilities

The largest airport of the Portugal is located in its capital city called Lisbon. The name of airport is Lisbon Portela Airport. It is the main European hub and international gateway to the Portugal. For air traffic control, navigation and maintenance, it is consider as well-equipped airport in all over the Europe. This airport is also famous for handling large number of passengers on the yearly basis in Europe. The airport offers superb transport services to the passengers i.e. bus and Metro Train. The airport territory is full of city buses which you can get from the first terminal. It works 24/7 without any break and serves well to the passengers. City bus is the most affordable and suggested transport services for the passengers in the Lisbon Airport.

The cascais train line and downtown area is connected with the airport. The Metro Train is the most advanced transport service available in the Lisbon airport. Like the city bus, you can pick Metro Train from the Terminal 1 of the airport. The timings of the arrival of Metro Train are different for the weekdays and weekends as well. From the Metro Train, you can reach to your destination earlier than the city bus. However, the passengers who want to spend less amount of money should prefer city bus over Metro Train. The bus and train services are highly popular in the airport.

The taxis, private cars facilities and Lisbon airport transfer services are available in the Lisbon airport. Most of the people prefer buses and train. Therefore, the use of cabs and private cars is not preferable over other both transport services. When you’ll go to Lisbon airport, you won’t find the cabs and rental cars in the territory of airport. The fare of city bus and metro train are not normal and affordable for every passenger. The government of Portugal is working on the availability of more transport services for the passengers in airport. In the upcoming years, people would get more transport facilities in this airport. All of these transport services would be affordable for the passengers. It is highly preferred for passengers to reserve seats three to four hours before reaching to Lisbon airport.

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